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    Blanchet Multi Concept
  • Manufacturing and distribution of high quality wood.

    Blanchet Multi Concept
  • We provide premium quality
    and personalized service.

We are a local business

40 years in Quebec.

With an expertise of more than 40 years in wood manufacturing, BMC penetrated the market in 2003. From the beginning of its operations, BMC is constantly expanding and is always improving the quality of its products to set the highest standards in the industry. Product quality and great service are at the core of the business model. Keeping a green environment being a the heart of the business, product purchases are always made with environmentally responsible businesses and recycling is always insured.

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Our services

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Personalized services

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Shipping options

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Different types

Choose among many different
types of wood.

More than 40 years of manufacturing
high quality wood.

Blanchet Multi Concept

Why us

BMC has always provided a customized service for each of their customers and has always offered competitive pricing for high quality products and fast shipping.

Why to choose us

Our partners with high reputation always check that their products meet the highest standards of the industry. This is why we can offer a better service at a better price.

We want to keep high quality products and services to maintain great relationships with our clients.

BMC respects the environment by only working with certified companies in the lumbering industry.

BMC specializes in small dimension wood transformation but is also flexible to meet its clients needs.

Blanchet Multi Concept offers Premium, Select, utility & better, economy and pallet wood.

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